Working with natural and cultural places.

Sacred Canyon, Ikara-Flinders Ranges, Adnyamathanha Country. Photo courtesy Travel True Places

True Places assesses and manages environmental and cultural heritage values to support planning. We provide advice on relevant policy and legislation to help clients work effectively with government agencies. We work with Indigenous communities to ensure that cultural values are respectfully incorporated within non-Indigenous planning and policy contexts.

People live in place. Nature and culture are inseparable.  The richest stories and connections are found in the intersecting spaces between community, ecology and history.

Planning and place making.

Nendo Installation, Escher x Nendo @ NGV. Photo courtesy of Travel True Places.

True Places works with strategic and master planning processes and the development of community-based plans and projects. We provide services in research and knowledge collection, stakeholder engagement, facilitation and report writing.

True Places helps people tell stories about the places that are important to them.  We believe that the knowledge, experience and connections that people hold in relation to the places they value are critical to effective planning.  True Places collects this knowledge and integrates it with broader technical and strategic contexts to support effective planning.

Writing and communication.

Talk to the floor. Image courtesy Travel True Places.

True Places offers services in copywriting, report and technical writing, proofreading and editing. We design and support social media presence.  We organise forums, provide facilitation services and help people communicate with each other.

There is no idea so complex that it cannot be expressed simply. True Places can help you craft words and find your voice.

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